Important Info for Informed Consent


1. Medical and Legal Professionals Warn against Covid-19 Vaccine

2. Documented Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries, side-effects, etc.

3. Documented History of Incessant Dangerous Vaccines


Medical and Legal Professionals Warn against Covid-19 Vaccine

Before relaying the warnings of experts as it relates to our subject in particular, here are some general facts to get us started: 1) Medical error is the the third-leading cause of death in US. 2) The people approving and giving emergency use authorization to them are almost entirely funded by the vaccine manufactures. 3) As per the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, these vaccines manufacturer’s cannot be sued or otherwise legally be held accountable, no matter how many may be injured or killed as a result of their products.

Mortality Rates are lowest among the Unvaccinated in all Age Groups


Dr. Deborah Birx says she ‘knew’ COVID vaccines would not ‘protect against infection’


Vaccinated Comprise 75% of Coronavirus Infections in Singapore


Former Pfizer Vice President/Top Scientist Dr Michael Yeadon (Generally Pro Vaccine): These Covid-19 Vaccines are 50 Times More Likely to Kill Than the Virus Itself


French Nobel Prize recipient, Virologist Luc Montagnier, Describes Covid-19 Vaccination programs as an unacceptable scientific and medical error, states vaccines are causing the “variants” and deaths; Vaccinating during a pandemic unthinkable, causes Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and any epidemiologist knows this.


Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Joseph Mercola: New Study Reveals Covid ‘Vaccines’ Do Permanent Damage to 62% of Recipients


More than 23,000 doctors in Germany have dropped out of the corona vaccination campaign. That shouldn’t be overestimated, says virologist Prof. Klaus Stöhr


Internal Medicine Specialist, Epidemiologist, Cardiologist, Professor Dr Peter McCullough MD: I’m in my fourth decade of doing this, I can tell you, Covid-19 Vaccines are by far the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in american history. I think if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021…non-fatal complications from the shots include damage to the brain, the heart, the immune system and the hematologic system. (McCullough wasInitially a proponent of the vaccine, until the many adverse reactions among his patients)


Irish Medical Doctor Anne McCloskey: The Shots Are Killing People. Almost all of my sick patients have been double jabbed with what is actually an experimental genetic therapy. People have been coerced, bribed, bullied, and had basic rights taken away, received vaccines in good faith. This whole thing has been a hype perpetuated by the media and governments. During the first year of the “pandemic” there was nothing happening, I mean nothing. This year it is different, the hospitals are full with people who’ve been fully vaccinated, but are still testing positive for Covid. I’m seeing previously healthy young people being damaged by these vaccines. And most Dr’s refuse to admit the correlation (thus we know vaccine injuries are being under-reported). This is malevolent and must be stopped. We who’ve been looking at the real scientific data over the last year, not the models created by “authorities” who’ve been bought and paid for by trillionaires and billionaires and who have conflicting interests, see this is not about health. These injections are doing real harm, and are certainly not protecting anyone.


Dr. Stephanie Seneff: This is insanely wreckless, and I can’t see how these vaccines can possibly be doing anything good. The typical vaccine takes 12 years to develop, and even then only 2% are projected to ever make it through all Phase 2 and 3 clinical phases of testing. The COVID-19 vaccine was developed with Operation Warp Speed in less than one year, which makes it virtually impossible to assess safety and efficacy, as the vaccine has not been adequately tested. And five months into the vaccination campaign, statistics tell a frightening story. Research shows deaths are 15 times higher during the first 14 days after the first COVID injection among people over the age of 60, compared to those who aren’t vaccinated. In the next 10 to 15 years, we are likely to see spikes in prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at younger ages, and blood disorders such as blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke, and heart failure.


Biochemist, microbiologist, and clinical nutritionist Dr. Robert Young: Tests were done one Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna Vaccines, they contain toxic elements not disclosed ingredients such as the  parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, stainless steel, graphene oxide, and other carcinogenic and genotoxic chemicals such as poly-ethylene glycol and ethylene alcohol. This is a violation human rights, and global law governed under the Nuremberg Code.


Dr. Jeff Sullinger explains that when it comes to FDA vaccine approval, the terms “safe and effective” do not actually mean that it’s “safe and effective”, only that it is relative to whatever they contrasted against in the studies (so in other words, it would be “safe and effective” compared to an injection of say, cyanide).


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Documented Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries, side-effects, etc.

124 Page Document of Vaccine Injuries (pictures, personal stories, news headlines, etc.)


1,042 Pages of Documented Vaccine Injuries, etc.


Bearing in mind that according to a 2010 U.S. Department of Health and Human Service study by Lazarus, Ross, et. al; less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to the FDA (and that VAERS reports are being censored), as of 8/5/22, according to the official numbers according to US Vaccine Injury Reporting System (VAERS) are 1,357,937 (or likely closer to 135,793,700 based on Lazarus, Ross, et. al.). These reports reflect:
29,790 deaths
55,719 permanently disabled
33,124 life threatening conditions
132,676 urgent care
170,151 hospitalizations
200,580 doctor office visits
44,115 severe allergic reactions
15,973 heart attacks
50,739 cases of heart inflammation (Myocarditis/
15,705 cases of Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)
4,889 miscarriages, etc.
9,799 Cases of Anaphylactic shock
14,374 cases of shingles
8,747 cases of blood clotting deficiency (Thrombocytopenia/
Low Platelet)


Brazil: over 32,000 people have died following  COVID-19 injection


360, 000 teens age 12 to 17 develop heart conditions after Covid-19 shots. with many cases need hospitalization


Website, contains over 400 citations from primary sources


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Documented History of Incessant Dangerous Vaccines

Documentary: Hear This Well: Vaccines Can and Do Cause Autism (4 Hours and 44 minutes of personal testimonies)


Documentary: Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination


These vaccines are experimental, testing doesn’t end for any of them until 2022-2024


There’s been several books over the years on the subject to such as:
Dr. C. G. G. Nittinger’s Evils of Vaccination, (1856)
Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated by C.M. Higgins, (1920)
The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean, (1956)
Vaccination, the silent killer: A Clear and Present Danger by Honorof & McBean, (1977)
A Shot in the Dark by Fisher & Coulter, (1985)
What about Immunizations?: Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy by Cynthia Cournoyer, (1991)
Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide by Aviva Romm, (2001)
Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America by Eustace Mullins, (2016)
Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick It to You and Your Family by Brett Wilcox, (2016)


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